Kenfig Corporation Trust Charity Commission Report

Following complaints to the Charity Commission (the Regulatory Body for charities) about the appointment of trustees, and about the legality of the Trust introducing car parking charges at Kenfig, the Commission has thoroughly investigated the complaints in conjunction with the Trustees, and has come to the following conclusions:

‘ …the trustees have rectified the appointment of (existing trustees) and have recruited new trustees as per our advice. The information provided gives re-assurance that the charity has acted on advice provided by the Commission to ensure that these appointments were in accordance with the charity’s governing document’

‘We have further received … the necessary assurances  to conclude that the charity has considered the appropriate resolutions regarding meetings via electronic means and changes to the number of trustees’

Concerning the car parking, the Charity Commission concludes that:

‘…The charity owns the freehold land on which the car park is situated…. There are no conditions/clauses in the Land Registry title documents or the charity’s governing document which prevent the current arrangements for the car park’

‘…There is nothing in the general law relating to common land, or in the Order of Limitations dated  13th June 2001… which prevents the trustees operating the car park’

The Commission has now closed the case.

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