Car Parking Charges

As a Trust we want to be open and transparent in our decision-making processes. We have already discussed our rationale for the introduction of Car Parking Fees at the Reserve.

As previously mentioned, this initiative will not take any form of profit from the car parking charges and as already indicated above all the money will be reinvested back into the Reserve .

We have also begun to consult and discuss these changes with our nearest neighbours and wish to take any concerns into account moving forward.

Finally, we are committed to charging fees that enable us to achieve our aims but also to avoid deterring any visitors.

Accordingly, we have set fees as follows.

For cars the charges are: £1 for 1 hour, £3 for the whole day we will also include an option to purchase an annual permit as part of “Friends of Kenfig” membership which costs £45 for non-business use which equates to just over 12 p a day.

Horse boxes and trailers will be charged at £6 per visit.

Installation of the parking fees will begin after Christmas, as soon as we have exact dates, we will inform you.

Again, we must underline that this was a difficult decision to make and appreciate your support in all we do to keep Kenfig Nature Reserve an environmental jewel in the crown for everyone to enjoy.

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