Car Parking at Kenfig Nature Reserve

Following much consideration and careful analysis of a recent community consultation, Kenfig Corporation Trust has given permission to Kenfig Nature Corporation Ltd to charge for parking at Kenfig Nature Reserve.

The decision has not been an easy one, but the community consultation responses clearly indicated that everyone wanted to see the continued maintenance of the dune system, which is notably one the United Kingdom’s most important conservations sites, the protection of wildlife and environment and keeping the Reserve Centre and its public toilets open throughout the year.

This initiative will not take any form of profit from the car parking charges and as already indicated above all the money will be reinvested back into the Reserve to ensure it is well maintained and enhanced alongside helping to pay for all capital charges, utility costs and much needed security measures to reduce anti-social behaviour.

There are also longer-term ambitions to enhance the visitor experience, expand services and maximise education and employment opportunities, to ensure the reserve realises its fullest potential. This too of course requires investment and the funds from the car parking charges will help greatly with this.

Consideration has been made of the impact that the car parking charges may have on our immediate neighbours and therefore to try and ensure that overflow parking does not take place along the verges outside peoples properties the Trust would be more than happy to consult with their neighbours to discuss the installation of appropriate kerb stones or posts.

The priority must be to preserve, improve, promote and protect the Reserve which is enjoyed by so may visitors on a daily basis.

Finally, you can be reassured that charges will be kept to a minimum as there is a commitment to providing safe, cost effective parking facilities to all those who visit, this will include an option to purchase an annual permit as part of “Friends of Kenfig” membership.

As soon as we have the final details concerning costs and installation dates the information will be put in the public domain.

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