KNNR recieve a lifesaving gift

The Trustees of KNNR were delighted to announce the receipt of a defibrillator cabinet this week at the Reserve Centre. As Chair, I had the pleasure of speaking to Heather Protheroe to extend our thanks. Heather was keen to explain that the purchase and installation was a direct result of magnificent fund raising efforts by Jenny Hibbert.  Jenny approached Heather with an idea of creating a Kenfig Nature Reserve calendar using artwork from some of the talented photographers in the Protect Kenfig Nature Reserve Facebook group. 

Group members were very enthusiastic about sharing their work and a high quality calendar was produced.  Jenny sold 100 copies of the 2020 calendar raising significant funds.

Jenny and Heather wanted to ensure the money was put to good use and when she learned that Cornelly Community Council had already donated a defibrillator to the centre, Heather felt that this vital lifesaving equipment needed to be accessible to all. Liaising with the clerk of Cornelly community council, Dawn (who has been incredibly helpful and very much part of this whole process) Jenny and Heather have been able to get the cabinet delivered and fitted. 

The Trust would like to join Heather, and extend our thanks to Jenny, Dawn, the wonderful photographers for donating their work and members of the Protect Kenfig Nature Reserve Facebook group. Thank you for helping raise funds through your innovative ideas and helping the local community.

In providing this possible life saving equipment, Heather , Jenny and those who purchased and contributed to the calendar have really captured one of the core values of the Reserve , to Promote, Improve, Protect and Preserve the wellbeing of the Reserve and those who visit our unique and wonderful site.

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