Update 06 September 2019

The Kenfig Corporation trustees would like to update the community regarding the Kenfig nature reserve.  We have been in talks with the NRW (Natural Resources Wales) regarding the future of Kenfig. These discussions are on-going and as I hope you will appreciate a lot of information needs to be considered. We are working hard to look into options and we are working with NRW to offer as much support as we can to ensure the future of Kenfig is secure.

All trustees have fought hard for the long term guarantee of this beautiful common land and have the interest of the community at its forefront, we have not been able to give any information out while discussions with the NRW have been taking place. We have been forced to make a statement due to unrest in the community, but it must be understood with decisions not confirmed and with negotiations still under way, a decision will hopefully be announced soon. With respect to the general public all trustees have the best interest of the nature reserve and fought hard in talks with the NRW to convince them of obtaining this land for the future of our younger generation to enjoy as we did.

Due to national cuts BCBC made a decision to withdraw resources from the nature reserve this was an extremely difficult time to find someone to take over that responsibility. We are hoping our negotiations with the NRW will be successful and the public will be informed when that decision has been made.