Kenfig National Nature Reserve

The Lease with Bridgend County Borough Council, for the management of the Kenfig National Nature Reserve, expires in December 2019 and the Trust is currently considering all options at this time and no firm decision has been made yet.

The Trust is keen to ensure that the Reserve continues to be managed both as ecologically and commercially, as it has been to date.

The Trust are currently in ongoing negotiations with a potential new lessee for the KNNR and, as the matter is sensitive, we cannot disclose any information to the public at the present time but, as soon as the matter has been finalised, we will provide an update on our website.

The Prince of Wales Public House

The building works at the Prince have now commenced (June 2019) with Bow Construction full title of Bow Construction, Conservation & Property Maintenance Ltd.


One of the assets owned by Kenfig Corporation Trust is a property known as Fernlea, situated in the vicinity of Prince Field, Kenfig.  This property has become severely run down and the Trustees have made an application to Bridgend County Borough Council to build a brand new property on the footprint of the existing building. 

The plans for this property have been taken forward with the location of it at the forefront, it will be built in sympathetic manner both environmentally and aesthetically with the land in which it sits.

By ensuring this property is built to a high specification the Trustees are ensuring that future income for the Trust will be secured to allow it to continue to undertake its duties as set out in the Schedule for Kenfig Corporation Trust